As with every good looking singer/actor, rumours around Harry Styles’ sexuality have been floating around for years, ever since his “One Direction” days.

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And now, during his last show of his solo tour, Harry sealed the deal by simply reminding us all that… “We’re all a little bit gay.”

Harry Styles
Photo: Deposit Photos – S. Bukley

Over the years, 24-year-old Harry Styles’ fans were mostly eager to discuss the so-called “Larry” relationship, with fellow “One Direction” star Louis Tomlinson (so much so, that Louis at one point banned the use of the term “Larry” on his Instagram page).

When a mysterious Tweet from Harry’s account linked to [fake] porn of him and Louis, the fans went crazy. Then, in an interview last May, Harry said of his sexuality that he has no need for labels. And THEN, one his newer songs implied bisexuality, with the words “I Messed Around With Boys And Girls”.

This week, during Harry’s last performance of his solo tour, in San José, California, Harry spotted a fan holding a sign that read –

“I’m gay and I love you”

Harry read the sign out load on stage, then replied –

“I love you as well. I mean, we’re all a little bit gay, aren’t we. We’re all a little bit gay.”

We do remember the time Harry’s heart was a little bit gay for Ryan Gosling – but then, who wouldn’t?

Anyway, enough teasing for today.

h/t: Queerty

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