Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, the two prominent – and handsome – members of the band “One Direction“, have long had to “endure’ fanfic “rumors” about an affair between the two of them. Now, Tomlinson has had enough of it (well, again).

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Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson
Photo: OneDirectionVEVO

Over the years, fans have claimed that the two are hiding a secret affair – which is a fun thought, when you look at these two good looking fellows and how close they were. The fans even gave this alleged romance a power-couple name: “Larry” (as in – Louis and Harry).

Over the years, Louis took it upon himself to deny these rumors – as he did with this tweet in 2012, saying this is “the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard”:

Now, Louis took it a step further – Instagram has recently introduced a feature which enables users to ban certain words from their comments section. Guess which word Louis was quick to ban? Yep – Larry.

But his avid fans were quick to notice this – and were also quick to find alternative ways to mention this fantasy romance, such as “L a r r y” or “Houis”.

Maybe it’s time to leave the two alone with this. But it IS a fun fantasy…

And hey, we’ll always have this video of Harry sucking on Louis’ finger. Wait, what?

h/t: DigitalSpy