Movie posters are there to sell movies. As such, they’re often targeted at the biggest demographic – that is, straight men. So you’ll often see barely dressed women, or couples.

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But if you think back on some of the famous movie posters from recent decades, and all you can remember is the hot guy that was on the poster – well, you’re probably gay (or at least bi.).

Here are some of the posters that did it for us.

1. Titanic (1997)


Our young readers probably don’t remember this, but there was a time, way back when, in which Leonardo DiCaprio was extremely good-looking. Titanic marked the pinnacle of that happy era, therefore, no respecting gay man even noticed Kate Winslet on the poster.

2. Superman: The Movie (1978)

Superman: The Movie poster

The original, and best Superman. While it’s true that Henry Caville is good looking, and Brandon Routh was kind of cute, Christopher Reeve tops them all. It’s not just the Reeve himself was good looking – his character was such a beacon of love and goodness, that every teen boy at that time dreamed of flying away in his muscular arms.

3. The Blue Lagoon (1980)

The Blue Lagoon

While half the world were going on and on about Brooke Shields, Christopher Atkins was of course the highlight for the rest of us. A movie about a (straight) young couple discovering their sexuality, Atkins, as he appears on this poster, was probably one of the world’s first “twinks”. Oh, and this is what he looked like when The Blue Lagoon Turned 35!.

4. Interview With The Vampire (1994)

Interview With The Vampire

Tom Cruise was responsible for a lot of sleepless nights during the 80’s and 90’s (And despite what many think – I think he’s still good looking to this day). Top Gun was the better-known movie, but Interview With The Vampire had homoerotic undertones (less than the book it’s based on, unfortunately), which made it a whole lot sexier. And that amazing tag line… Tom Cruise is inviting you to drink from him!

5. Studio 54 (1998)

Studio 54

The movie was kind of annoying, but the poster (this version belongs to the soundtrack) reminded us why it’s still a good idea to watch it: Ryan Phillippe was hotness personified back then, and for that alone, the movie was 2 hours of pure joy.

6. Batman Forever (1995)

Batman Forever

OK, so the movie was pretty bad. Maybe not the WORST Batman, but, yeah, bad. Then again – the young Chris O’Donnell was hot back then, his robin-suit had abs, and even nipples… what’s not to like?

7. My Own Private Idaho (1991)

my own private idaho

So OK, if you were interested in 1991 in a movie about male hustlers (only one of whom was “officially” gay though), there’s a good chance you WERE gay. But we’re here to talk about posters – and in this one, you get two hunks for the price of one – the cheeky Keanu Reeves, and the beautiful, late River Phoenix.

8. Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club

I have to admit, I was never a big Brad Pitt fan (blasphemy, I know). But if ever he was hot in a movie and on a poster – it was in Fight Club.

9. Speed (1994)

Speed movie poster

There’s a freaking bus jumping out of the fire in that poster. So why are you only noticing Keanu Reeves, in his days as a handsome, muscular action star?

10. John Carter (2012)

John Carter

A boring movie (and a big flop), it tried to be a big fantasy movie and failed on almost every count. The posters, however, were OK – because we never want to miss a chance at seeing Taylor Kitsch shirtless.

11. No Strings Attached (2011)

No Strings Attached

Ashton Kutcher, as an actor, is an acquired taste. But even those who can’t stand his antics, have to admit he’s hot – a cute, twinkish face with a well-built body. This romantic comedy came and went, but the poster is marvelous – Kutcher in bed, his shirt open, no pants… need I go on?

12. Pompeii (2014)


Everyone loves Jon Snow, but Kit Harrington is yet to find his path as a successful movie actor. Pompeii was not the answer, but he looks great on the poster, so OK.