Shawn Mendes is celebrating his birthday – the popular singer is now 22-years-old – and that’s a great excuse to take a look at some of his best photos.

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After all, this Canadian boy is more than just a wonderful singer and an all-around nice guy – he also looks perfect when he’s shirtless.

Shawn Mendes in manila

So join us for this very visual trip down memory lane…

1. Shawn by the Ocean

2. We all know THAT one by now

3. Looking good on his latest tour

4. Having fun on stage

5. Can’t skip this one…

6. Isn’t that adorable?

7. A brave jump

8. Beach threesome

9. Splash your face

10. Lovely view

11. Couch surfing

12. Mercy!

13. He’s at the beach again

14. Those arms though…

Of course, we’ll keep following.

See you again next year!