If you’re new to “Male Masturbation Toys”, I know what your first question is going to be – “Don’t I already have the perfect male masturbator? It’s called… ‘My Hand’, and I’ve been using it forever, and it’s free”.

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Well, you’re not far from the truth – your hand is always there with you (barring some unfortunate accidents), you’ve been using it lovingly (as in, loving yourself) since puberty, and you know exactly how to use it – so yeah, it’s excellent.

Shirtless man in bed with hand down

But… yes, there’s a but – men like variety. There’s a reason some of us go on Grindr again, and again, and again – as we always want to try something new, something different. But sometimes a “real” human being for “real” sex just isn’t available, and you’re left with your hand again, and you’ve been using it for so many years, so where’s the variety, I ask you?

Ta-Da! That’s what male masturbation toys are for. (That, and preventing you from trying to use crazy things like pies or watermelons). And today, I’m going to take an in-depth look at one of the popular ones – The Fleshjack.

Wait, What Does a Male Masturbator DO Exactly?

The concept is pretty easy to grasp (pun intended) – you get some kind of contraption (a sleeve, in this case) with a hole in one side, and you… stick your penis in.

Easy enough, right? But that’s where the trick comes in (pun intended) – the sleeve needs to be tight enough, and “interesting” enough inside, in hopes of maximizing your sensations. You don’t want to rub your penis against any old surface – you want something that’ll do things to it, that will touch it in a “special” way – so male masturbators come with different “textures”, that rub and squeeze your penis in different ways.

The Fleshjack – Rubbing Men Since 1998

The Classic Fleshjack Male Masturbator


The Fleshjack’s been around for almost 20 years. Straight men know it as “The Fleshlight”, which is basically the same device – the main differences between the two model lines are the photos on the box and the website (naked men vs naked women), and the shape of the “orifice” on some of the models – a hole shaped to look like a vagina, vs. a hole shaped to look like an ass (or a mouth) – obviously, as a gay man, I know which one I prefer to think about while I’m pleasuring myself.

If you look at the original patent for the Fleshjack/Fleshlight, it was described as “a device for discreet sperm collection” – ouch, that’s not very enticing – but kind of accurate. But is it still a good choice for 2017?

The Fleshjack is a sleeve made of a soft, squishy material (the company calls it “SuperSkin”, and it’s patented and super special, yet I call it “Soft, squishy material” nonetheless). The sleeve is encased in a plastic container, shaped like a big flashlight – hence, the name.

The company sells many varieties of this sleeve – the main difference being the texture inside. Some start tight and expand, some have unique bumps and blips, and all have impressive names like “Vortex” –

Fleshjack Vortex Sleeve

… And “Wonder Wave” –

Fleshjack WonderWave sleeve

And even “Destroya Pink Butt” –

Fleshjack - Destroya sleeve

The bottom line? They’re all sleeves made of a soft, squishy material – and you stick your penis into them – which is what a male masturbator is for.

Using the Fleshjack

The model I bought was the “Ice Jack” one – it has a transparent sleeve, and a matching transparent case that you can see-through, and according to the company it “magnifies penis size”. Hey, size doesn’t matter! But it sure looks pretty…

The Icejack Male Masturbator

When I first received my Fleshjack, I was eager to try it, as all men are with a new toy. (Double that when it’s a sex toy). So I popped a porn video in the VCR browsed my favorite porn site (usually Helix Studios for me) to “get in the mood”, used my hand for some foreplay, and then went in for the kill.

First, you need to apply some lube, to your penis and into the sleeve itself. The amount you need will vary from person to person according to your preferences – personally I don’t like too much lube, as I lose of the sensation that way and it all gets too slippery for me. If you’re uncircumcised, though, the company suggests you might need a more liberal amount of lube.

Lube Tip: Do NOT use oil or silicone based lubricants with the Fleshjack – these slowly destroy the “SuperSkin” material, so you should only use water-based lubes. You can buy the right type along with your Fleashjack on the company’s website, but if you’ve been a gay man for a while – you probably know where to get your lube.

So, I dripped a few drops of lube directly into the hole of the sleeve, and rubbed some more onto myself. You can also use the bottom cap to tighten or loosen the grip (the vacuum created changes the suction level).

Finally, I positioned the Fleshjack right above, and… shoved it into the hole (there’s no pun here – it’s what you actually do).

Ouch. Too tight. OK, OK, I’ll use some more lube.

And then… surprise!

The Fleshjack website states that “Words can not explain this one of a kind product!” – well, let me explain with words this one of a kind product: it feels like you’re pushing your penis into a soft, squishy material.

But… it feels nice. Really nice.

So no, it will NOT feel like real human skin. It will NOT feel like a real ass, and it will NOT feel like a real mouth. You still need a real man for those. However, it WILL feel better than your hand – or at least, a lot more interesting than your hand.

The bumps that rub and pull inside the sleeve add a unique sensation. While I can’t really see a reason for buying several different sleeves with “different textures” (basically you’re fucking a soft, squishy material with bumps and ribs – the shape and order of those bumps won’t really matter once you get your rhythm), it’s unlike anything you’ve experienced in masturbation before. It won’t replace real sex – but it’s Masturbation 2.0.

Warm It Up: When I started using the Fleshjack, I was so eager to try it, that I didn’t bother to warm it up (as the instructions suggest). While it still works, the sensation is ten times better when you warm up the sleeve before using it.

The cheapest way is simply to remove the sleeve from the case, and run warm water through it for several minutes. You can also fill a tub/sink with warm water and soak the sleeve in there.

For a more advanced (and costlier) way, you can use the special “Sleeve Warmer” device, sold by the same company.

So yeah, I’ll confess – the first time, it all ended pretty quickly. What can I say, I get excited when I try new things.

It was fun, it wasn’t too messy (your cum is discreetly collected at the bottom – ha, just like the patent promised!), and I like that.

THEN, however, comes the messy part.

Fleshjack Male Masturbator

Cleaning Up the Fleshjack

So yes, when you have “real” sex, you also need to do some cleaning up afterwards. AND you have to prepare breakfast for the guy.

But when you use your hand, there’s not much cleaning up to do, if you, ehm, “aim” things correctly. You might need to wash yourself up a bit, but that’s easy enough.

Cleaning up the Fleshjack, however, takes a bit more time. First you need to pull the sleeve out of the case – and, remember, your cum is in there now, so you better do this over the sink/tub (Unless you’re into those sorts of things – I’m not judging!).

Then, you need to rinse the case AND the sleeve with warm water, letting the stream run through the holes on both ends of the sleeve. Be careful, if the stream is too strong, don’t aim the other hole towards yourself, or you’ll get splashed (yeah, lots of pun there). It’s not hard to do – but at this point, the sleeve is going to be even squishier – and stickier – than before, so it feels a bit unpleasant.

Once you wash everything up, you need to dry the sleeve before you store it. Placing it next to a working fan helps – but it’ll take a couple of hours, so please don’t use it if you need to leave the house and don’t want anyone to find a male masturbator next to a fan in your room.

Keeping It Soft:  Over time, the sleeve can get a bit rough and not as soft as it was when you first got it. But there’s a fix for that – sprinkle some cornstarch powder (known as Corn Flour in Europe) on (and in) the sleeve and shake off the excess. Then, you can use the rest to prepare a delicious cake.

The Fleshjack Boys and Other Accessories

Levi Karter's Fleshjack

The company has a line called “The Fleshjack Boys“, with male masturbators modelled after famous gay porn stars, such as Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett, Levi Karter and many others. The “holes” are supposedly modeled from the performer’s real body parts, and the texture inside the sleeve is “inspired” by the star.

So Brent Everett’s texture, for example, was “inspired by his double armband tattoo”, and Pierre Fitch’s texture was inspired by his scorpion tattoo – “it’s not deadly, but it will definitely send you over the edge.”

Will these make a difference? Not really – I still think all the textures feel pretty much the same when you’re in heat – but it might help to think about your particular favourite star while you’re doing the deed, knowing that he took great personal care in crafting this for you. So that’s something.

You can also buy several accessories to go along with your fleshy male masturbator – including a “shower mount”, the aforementioned sleeve warmer, and even a “PhoneStrap”, that lets you secure your phone to your leg, for easy viewing (or WebCamming) while you’re using your Fleshjack.

These are all nice additions, but first get the Fleshjack itself and make sure it does the job for you.

Brent Corrigan's Fleshjack

Bottom Line: Is The Fleshjack For You?

So, like I said, “fucking” this squishy, slippery sleeve was certainly fun and different. That being said, taking it out, pouring lube all over the place, having your fun and then having to clean up and leave to dry – it’s all a bit of a hassle.

Granted, it’s not as much of a hassle as finding someone on Grindr (taking it out, pouring lube all over the place, having your fun and then having to clean up and leave to dry + breakfast), but when you compare it to just, well, using your hand – it sort of turns into a “special occasion” kind of thing – when you want that extra oomph.

So no, I haven’t been using it daily – it started out as every couple of days, then moved to being used every couple of weeks, when I want that “special” feeling – and yes, it’s a special feeling.

Couples Tip: While the main selling point for the Fleshjack is as a male masturbator, it can also be used as a fun sex toy to  add to your “real” sex.

I’ve tried it a few times, and it’s especially fun with the transparent (“Ice”) model, as you can use it on your partner’s penis and watch the whole thing up close. You can use it as foreplay before doing something else, or use it for the climax when you don’t want a full penetrative session, and your hand just isn’t enough.

Ease Of Use
Pleasure Rating
fleshjack-review-is-it-the-best-male-masturbatorIf you're looking to spice up your masturbation technique, this is as good as it gets. The cleanup process will probably cause you to leave it in the closet when you want a "quickie", but you'll definitely use it when you want that "special occasion".