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When you’re in the spotlight, like Arrow/Teen Wolf actor Colton Haynes, you’re bound to get some rude “fans” who are being inconsiderate. So when one of those asked a rather insulting question – Colton actually gave him a very candid answer.

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Arrow actor Colton Haynes
[Photo: Deposit Photos / S_Bukley]

30-year-old Colton Haynes had a rough year – first, his happy marriage to Hollywood florist Jeff Leatham, then came the unfortunate breakup and divorce, while recently the two have been seen together again at an airport.

This weekend, Colton was at the San Diego Comic-Con, as part of the Arrow panel (which he’s re-joining for Season 7). He posted a few photos from there –


And a closer one –


And then, someone on Twitter asked in a comment –

Wtf is happening to Colton Haynes face lately? Fillers? Carbs? I’m so confused

Well, instead of ignoring it or being rude himself (and Colton is already used to fans with snarky comments), he gave a very candid answer.

I’ve gained about 35lbs due to stress this year. No fillers…just food, a lot of makeup & not working out. Hope I gave you all the answers u wanted

Of course, Colton still looks amazing – we just wish him easier and calmer times ahead.