Altough Nick Jonas played a tough [gay] boxer on TV series Kingdom, he’s usually pretty cool in real life. But when a fan, who took a selfie with Nick, used the photo’s caption to insult the popular singer – Nick decided to fight back.

Nick Jonas - Woke Up Like This
Photo: Instagram

24-year-old Nick Jonas, whose height is somewhere around 5.7″, was approached in the street by a fan named Zak Hanzal. Nick agreed to take a selfie with the fan, who later posted the result on Instagram.

The problems began when Nick saw the photo’s caption on Instagram, which read:

@NickJonas u need a few more inches bruhh

Nick decided not to stay silent, and decided to teach his fan some manners:

“You need some manners “bruh”. I didn’t need to stop to take that picture with you. Just rude. Very Rude.”

As expected, Nick’s fans started slamming the tall shamer, who eventually decided to change his caption to “One of the most humble superstars…MY MAN @nickjonas.”

At that point, Nick was satisfied, and called for a ceasefire with a thumbs up: “Hey y’all…it’s all good. No need to spread the hate.”

With Nick looking the way he does – he probably doesn’t need the extra inches. Anywhere.