Warning: This article contains spoilers to Episode 9, Season 3 of Kingdom.

We’ve long followed the ups and downs of Nick Jonas’ gay character on TV series Kingdom, Nate Kulina. From his semi-drugged bisexual sex scene, to his first gay kiss and coming out to members of his family.

But in this week’s episode, all hell broke loose, when Nate decided on the spur of the moment to finally come out to his father.

Kingdom Nick Jonas
Photo: DirectTV

Nick Jonas, the 24-year-old singer and actor, plays Nate – a gay boxer who had to stay in the closet for a long time, and only recently came out to his brother. On Season 2, we saw the controversial scene in which Nate was drugged, and then pulled into a threesome with a man and a woman.

On this week’s episode, the one before the series’ finale, Nate finally told his father, Alvey, that he’s gay. His father did not take it well, and reacted angrily. Nate, in turn, did not take his father’s reaction well, stormed outside, and waited to confront his father – so they could fight.

When a bouncer got involved, Nate punched him – and the scene ended on a shocking note, with Nate getting shot by the bouncer.

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Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Nick says those moments were the greatest acting challenge of his career so far.

“That was the scene I worked the hardest on with my acting coach.

Something that I’ve truly loved about playing Nate is the ability to tell the story over a long period of time and have people at times wonder what I’m thinking and try to get inside my head and really figure it out.

They’re so alike, Nate and Alvey, in some ways, but also, I think they’re so polar opposite, and the ability to be totally authentic and transparent is new information for both of them so it will take time to fully process it.”

Now we will have to wait until next week’s episode, which concludes Season 3 AND the entire series – to find out whether Nate made it out alive.