Can two STRAIGHT men cuddle affectionately together, or will they immediately be called gay? That’s what these straight men are going to find out, in this latest social experiment video.

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Straight guys cuddling
Photo: YouTube

Bria and Chrissy have done several “First Time” videos in the past, such as “Straight Men French Kiss Other Men For The First Time“, and the “Straight Men Touch Another Penis For The First Time” one. This time, they’re testing straight men’s boundaries again – by letting them cuddle on a couch together.

Some of these men have known each other for years, and some were only just introduced for this video.

“Handshakes are appropriate touches for straight men. and Casual hugs”, they explain at the beginning. “We’re brought up to feel that more than that is weird.”

Then come the cuddling sessions. They start off pretty nervously, debating who’s going to be the big spoon and who’s the little spoon (which is almost like deciding who’s the top and who’s the bottom, it seems). It’s all quite awkward for them.

Later on, some of them even switch places (even straight guys can be versatile!).

How did it all make them feel? “It was a unique bonding experience. Society is afraid of “un-masculine” activities for men. I can be comfortable with my best friend. Try it too!”

Watch the video right here: