Understandably, we love male butts. Even more understandably, we love celebrity male butts, because what’s hotter than seeing a hot famous man naked on our screens?

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From Chris Hemsworth to Justin Timberlake, from Zac Efron to Tyson Beckford – it’s time to take a… very close look.

best Hollywood Butts

Butts come in all shapes and sizes – from tight butts to smooth butts to bubbly butts… Hollywood certainly does an excellent job trying to kill us with hindness and we’ve got ALL the evidence.

Our friends at Mr Man have prepared the ultimate video playlist of the hottest backsides Hollywood has to offer. You can see all the uncensored video clips over there, but first – here’s a sampling of some of the best… ehm… yeah, butts:

1. Justin Timberlake

We recently got confirmation that singer/actor Justin Timberlake is very… big, down there.

Justin Timberlake friends with benefits
Photo: Screen Gems

And while we’re still waiting for visual confirmation regarding THAT, we can at least enjoy his butt, from the movie Friends with Benefits.

Justin Timberlake naked friends with benefits

See more nude clips of Justin Timberlake right here.

2. Jake Gyllenhaal

A favourite of us since the days of Brokeback Mountain, the American actor always had good assets.

jake gyllenhaal naked front

… Which we got to see in Love And Other Drugs.

Jake gyllenhaal naked

You can see more of him on the uncensored Glorious Gay Scenes playlist.

3. Chris Hemsworth

Remember that time Chris Hemsworth, Thor himself, talked about the moment he had to stand naked with a group of men discussing his bum?

Chris Hemsworth Thor Ragnarok trailer
Photo: Marvel Studios

Well, that’s going to happen again, once you see this image from his movie Rush

Chris Hemsworth naked rush

And of course, there’s a Superhero Nudity playlist you can gawk at.

4. Tyson Beckford

He’s a model, he’s an actor, and these days he’s in a feud with none other than Kim Kardashian. But we’re here for something else – his perfect butt, which was in the movie Chocolate City.

Tyson Beckford naked chocolate city

5. Ryan Phillippe

Don’t get me wrong, even 19 years after Cruel Intentions, Ryan Phillippe is STILL extremely hot. But it was indeed in that 1999 movie, that we got to see his super-bubbly butt…

Ryan Phillippe naked cruel intentions

6. Antonio Banderas

The popular singer/actor isn’t as prominent these days as he was in the past – but back in 2001, we got to see his impressive backside in the film Original Sin.

Antonio Banderas naked original sin

7. Garrett Clayton

Here’s another example of someone who just keeps getting hotter every year – former Disney star Garrett Clayton.

Garrett Clayton bathroom selfie
Photo: Instagram

As you probably know, he starred in gay porn biopic King Cobra, where he portrayed popular gay porn star Brent Corrigan (NSFW Link!). And he also put his adorable bum on display.

Garrett Clayton king cobra

8. Boris Kodjoe

The popular Austrian-born actor, who is probably mostly known these days for his role on TV comedy The Last Man On Earth, showed us a very impressive butt back in 2004, in the movie Doing Hard Time.

Boris Kodjoe naked doing hard time

9. Joe Manganiello

Our favourite werewolf from one of our favourite shows, True Blood. And here’s just ONE of the reasons why –

Joe manganiello naked true blood

10. Ryan Kwanten

And another True Blood favourite (who was even picked by Alexander Skarsgård as the best kisser there!), and yes – we got to see his cute little butt as well.

Ryan Kwanten naked true blood

11. Zac Efron

And finally, we can’t end without the twink who turned into a VERY muscular twunk in recent years – Zac Efron.

Zac Efron baywatch
Zac Efron on Baywatch

Thankfully, we got to see his pretty butt, in the “crazy” comedy Dirty Grandpa.

Zac Efron dirty grandpa

OK, Take some more –

Zac Efron naked that awkward moment

And if you want to see a bunch of other plump Hollywood butts in all their glory – check the full video playlist on Mr. Man.

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