Ever since his days as a young heart-throb on movies such as I Know What You Did Last Summer and Studio 54, Ryan Phillppe’s been one of our favorite hotties.

And now, so many years later – he still looks just as good without his shirt on, if not better…

Ryan Phillippe
Photo: Deposit Photos – S_Bukley

At 43-years-old, Ryan Phillippe stars in TV series Shooter these days (which was recently renewed for a third season).

A few months ago, Ryan was injured and hospitalized while shooting his series, and had to undergo a long recovery process – at one point he even feared he would lose his leg. But his recovery went well, and his body followed suit.

This week, Ryan took to Instagram where he posted a mouth-watering photo of himself while on vacation. Even though it’s snowing outside, he had no problem taking his top off – and those abs and six-pack are just… well… see for yourself:

And here’s another snowy shot – dressed, this time: