Chris Hemsworth has always looked like a Greek Norse God, and he’s particularly fit in the latest Thor: Ragnarok (that short hair helps…).

But in Hollywood, there’s always more work to be done – including a certain public debate whether Chris’ ass should be… rubbed or sprayed.

Chris Hemsworth Thor Ragnarok
Photo: Marvel Studios

Speaking with The List, the 34-year-old actor talks of a recent shoot he was part of, when the producers gathered around him – while he was naked – discussing how best to tan his ass.

“There was an awkward situation recently when I had to be naked for filming.

Before we started shooting, there was a whole group of people standing round discussing the best method of tanning my ass and whether it should be rubbed in or sprayed on.”

Can we volunteer for that job?

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Speaking of that amazing body and how he got it, Chris says there are no shortcuts. “It’s all about a strict regime. My muscles were pushed to the limit to achieve that look, so I was pretty stiff and sore.”