Yesterday, we told you about Liam Hemsworth’s super-tiny-shorts, which he showed to the world in a set of raunchy Instagram photos.

Now, his brother Chris Hemsworth responds, suggesting his brother might have been drunk, and also reveals whether we would ever see him in photos like that.

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth [Photo: Bigstock / Joe Seer]

Chris Hemsworth, the Thor actor, is 33-years-old, while his brother Liam, who made his name in the The Hunger Games movies, is 27-years-old. Despite the two being extremely hot, Chris doesn’t hesitate when asked who the sexiest brother is – “I am.”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Chris was also asked about Liam’s short shorts. As a reminder, it looked like that:

When asked about it, Chris had this to say:

“You know what that felt like? That felt like a late Friday night, drunken kinda post. And then the following morning he’s like, ‘I didn’t. Did I? Oh no. Was that intentional?'”

When asked whether we might see him like that as well in the future, Chris, unfortunately, said “I don’t think so, no.” But we can still hope…

Watch the full video, where Chris also talks about the fitness rivalry between the two brothers: