Sure, we enjoy young naked male celebrities as much as anyone – but sometimes, leaving just a little to the imagination is just as sexy. And we do mean “just a little” – as these actors, from Channing Tatum through Ryan Reynolds and Colton Haynes – aren’t wearing MUCH besides teeny-tiny thongs…

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Celebs in Thongs

There is nothing sexier than a beefcake’s cheeks – or his bulge – out on display, so our friends at Mr.Man (NSFW Link!) have assembled eight of our favorite Hollywood men in thongs.

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1. Channing Tatum

Matt Bomer Chaning Tatum Magic Mike

Magic Mike was a movie that gave us so many hot naked (or nearly naked) hot men – with Channing Tatum, whose life story the movie is based upon, getting cheeky in this tight thong.

Channing Tatum magic mike thong

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2. Colton Haynes

We can never have enough of Colton Haynes – and in Rough Night, we got it all – well, almost – when Colton was wearing this super-tight and super-blue thong.

3. Matthew McConaughey

Another gift from Magic Mike, Cowboy Matthew showed us his cheeky cheeks on stage.

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4. Darryl Stephens

Another Gay Movie is another movie that gave us lots of hot men wearing very little – and among them, Darryl Stephens packing some real heat.

5. Sean Paul Lockhart (Brent Corrigan)

So technically that’s a jockstrap – but it’s close enough. And yes, Sean/Brent is also a gay porn star (NSFW Link!), but sometimes the things you hide – as he did in Chillerama – make all the difference.

6. Ryan Reynolds

OK, So first – here’s Ryan Reynolds NOT wearing anything, because we had to look at that again (you can see more Deadpool guys getting naked right here.)

Ryan Reynolds nakedAnd now, for Ryan’s thong – which he wore admirably in that same movie – Buying The Cow.

7. James Franco

In Whatever It Takes James Franco was not only in a revealing thong – he was also tied to a bed. If you want to see what happened next – you have to check the very raunchy Hollywood Blowjob Scenes playlist.

8. Daniel Tosh

TV Stars wear thongs too! And here’s the proof – Daniel Tosh from Tosh.0.

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