Deadpool 2 is doing very well at the box-office these days (with some LGBT representation, at last), but we’re not here to talk about stats and heroes – we’re here to talk about naked superheroes (and villains).

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The men of Deadpool 2 have certainly taken it all off over the years – Ryan Reynolds topping the list, of course.

Ryan Reynolds
Photo: Deposit Photos – S_Bukley

The sexy cast of Deadpool 2 has definitely shown us some skin in the past, and our good friends at Mr Man have taken it upon themselves to give us a glimpse. (The full, uncensored clips of these and other celebrities are available over at their site).

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds naked

At 41-years-old, Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool himself) is still a major stud. And thankfully for us, he was never afraid to put his bum on display – and other private parts as well. For example – in the romantic comedy Buying The Cow from 2001.

Ryan Reynolds naked buying the cow

Ryan also had some pretty kinky scenes in the first Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds naked deadpool

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Jack Kesy

Jack, who plays Black Tom on Deadpool 2, got naked on TV series Claws.

Jack Kesy claws

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Josh Brolin

And let’s not forget Josh Brolin, who dominated TWO blockbusters this year (Deadpool 2 and Avengers: Infinity War). Back in 2013, he stripped naked in the movie Old Boy.

Josh Brolin old boy

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