Sometimes you leave your inhibitions behind, and get wild and dirty. The gay men of Reddit were willing to share their sluttiest moments – and these are some of the best.

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1. The Group Hugger

Had sex with a group of men

I found out that there was some weird love triangle between my huge group of friends and all of them were afraid to make a move. So I fucked all of them.

2. The Good Grandson

Spoke to my grandmother while having sex

Answering a call from my grandma during my birthday while I was getting pounded… For my defense, I told the guy to calm down during the call, but I guess it was a turn on for both of us. I was coughing the entire time, I said “thanks” but she was asking how was my time abroad. I said something like “Great” with the highest pitched voice I never talk with, and then I tried to apologize saying that I was working and that I will call her later.

3. Slut Trek: Generations

A Son - AND his father

Gave my ex boyfriend’s dad a bj and then fucked my ex that same night. To be fair we had already broken up and his dad hit me up on grindr, I then later called my ex for some Netflix and chill.

4. As Good a Reason…

He lived close by - so we had fun

First time ever in a gay club, I started dancing with a cute guy who went to a Catholic school within walking distance. I slept with him so I could keep dancing and have somewhere to stay till the trains started running again…

Did Graham Norton Say This?
Photo: BBC

5. Graham Would Be Proud

Back when I used to live in London, bj in the toilets whilst at a taping of the Graham Norton show. I went on a date with this person who got tickets to the show, somehow. I remember it was Mitchell&Webb, sookie off of true blood, and some other person.

6. Feels Like We’ve Known Each Other For Years

Only knew him for 15 minutes

I had sex with a guy 15 minutes after meeting him. He was a friend of a friend, and our mutual friend fell asleep.

7. A Good Day’s Work

I fucked a girl at one part of the day, fucked a guy about 5 hours later, then like 6 hours later fucked another guy… all in the same day.

8. There’s So Much To Learn

So much to study together...

69ing on the bathroom floor between stalls in the undergraduate library of a university I was not attending.

9. Why Are You Taking Out Your Wallet?

Paying for sex?

Hooked up with a guy off Growlr. He said he was bringing a friend too and they wanted to spit-roast me. It was my first threesome and it was fucking awesome. Oh and… “Friend” turned out to mean “escort I like to have threesomes with.” He paid – so I guess from my perspective, it was more of a threesome with two strangers and not a threesome with a stranger and an escort.

10. Happy Birthday!

For my 21st birthday, I rented a nice hotel room to crash in after we party. a few gay buds and three of my straight bros came home with me after clubbing. I fucked every single one of them. I woke up hung over with five other guys naked.

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