Homophobia and discrimination from the general public are not the only issues facing the gay community.

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And one older man, is tired and disappointed with the boxes young gay men put themselves into, after the community’s “forefathers” had to fight so hard to get rid of those boxes.

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The meaningful rant was written by this guy on Reddit – “I’m not angry, just disappointed”, he wrote. And it goes like this:

“I feel so old. Not because I am old or because I feel tired, but because of some of the bullshit I hear from the younger members of the LGBT+ so-called community that I really thought we’d seen the back of.


You think your gay, bi and trans forefathers and grandmothers faced down police, skinheads, bombs in our pubs, hate preachers at our Pride marches, discriminatory laws and employment practices and getting disowned by families and friends all in the name of acceptance and diversity and smashing out of conformity…


… Just so that you could set up a whole new set of fucking rules to judge each other by and tell other LGBT+ folk whether they were in or out?


Fuck you with your slut-shaming and your masc vs femme and your no blacks no Asians and your twinks and twunks and otters and bears and your ever tinier and tinier and more restrictive boxes. We don’t need it. We went through it before and we tore it down.


I don’t care if you like football or barbie dolls or both or neither. The qualification for being gay is being sexually attracted to the same sex and not to the opposite sex.


Nobody is more or less gay. Nobody is a better or worse gay. ‘Straight boys who like cock’ are NOT a thing.

Get it together, homos – you don’t hear this shit from the lesbians.”

Many of the commenters agreed with him – though some had a somewhat more positive look:

“I think you’re exposed to a bunch of delusional internet virgins full of fantasies, or shallow gays from dating sites and Grindr.

My gay friends in my city are awesome and they’re none of what you just described. And guess what? None of them are active in dating sites, Grindr or even Reddit.

Let’s face it, decent gays in the internet are heavily outnumbered by the shallow gays.”

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