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James McVey, part of popular British band “The Vamps”, does it again – posting a romantic photo of him and fellow band member Brad (Bradley) Simpson

Which must be annoying to third band member Connor Ball – who James “proposed” to back in August. Confused yet?

The Vamps James and Bradley
Photo: Instagram

With a band made of four hot guys, it’s only natural fans have been speculating and writing fan-fics on who might date who. Many often speak of the bromance between James and Bradley Simpson, others have coined the term “Jonnor”‘, referring to the possible relationship between James and Connor Ball.

So after a [fake] wedding proposal to Connor, 23-year-old James is now back to 21-year-old Bradley territory. In a photo he posted on Instagram, James is seen kneeling in front of Bradley on the balcony, mimicking the famous Romeo & Juliet scene.

The caption says “And I said Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone” – we’re betting fan-fic writers are already hard at work on where things went to next – though the ones rooting for James and Connor are a bit angry…

Such a fun band…