“The Vamps” is a popular British pop-rock band (some might dare say it’s a boy-band), made up of four fine young men who first gained popularity on YouTube, then saw international success.

In a recent interview, band guitarist and vocalist, James McVey spoke about his misfortunes on Tinder – and about that night he spent in a hotel, in bed, with… band member Connor Ball.

The Vamps James McVey and Connor Ball
Photos: Instagram

James McVey, who recently turned 23-years-old, spoke with the Evening Standard and explained how hard it was for him when he tried to use the Tinder dating app.

“I never got matched, not one”, he says – which is strange, when you look at the photos he posts on Instagram, such as this one:

Then, the band members were asked about awkward encounters with fans – and it sounds like they’ve had a fair share. Lead vocalist Brad Simpson, told of a time they were asked for a selfie while in the sauna.

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Drummer Tristan Evans recalled a fan asking to take Brad’s photo… while he was peeing.

And James shared this peculiar story:

“When we’re doing shows it’s fine. But Connor and I have been in a hotel before in bed together and the door wasn’t locked so fans ran in and asked for pictures. We got security to chuck them out.

And if that’s not enough for you, a 2014 report on Metro, reveals the band members were… naked at the time:

“We didn’t realise that some fans had got into the hotel and Connor and James were in bed and about five fans just walked into their rooms. We were naked. We said please can you leave.”

Hmm… We feel this is the perfect moment to stop and listen to one of their songs: