James McVey and Bradley (Brad) Simpson, members of popular British band “The Vamps”, just keep teasing us. This time, the bromance buddies stripped down together, for an inspiring video that features… their bums.

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“The Vamps” is made up of four guys from the UK who first gained popularity on YouTube, then saw international success – James McVey, Brad Simpson, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans.

This isn’t James’ first time getting nude in front of the camera – and it probably isn’t the last. A while back, after promising his fans he would pose naked if his album would get to Number 1 – it did, and he did.

The Bromance between 23-year-old James and 21-year-old Bradley isn’t new, and fans have already given it a nickname – “Jadley”.

And now, the two bared their bum in a surprising video apparently shot in Japan:

And here’s the other side of James:

And the two Bros together: