A promise is a promise, and when James McVey, “The Vamps” guitarist and vocalist, told his fans he would get naked if their album would get to Number 1 – he meant it. So he did. So here it is.

The Vamps James McVey
James McVey and Bradley Simpson [Photo: Instagram]

“The Vamps” is made up of four guys from the UK who first gained popularity on YouTube, then saw international success – James McVey, Brad Simpson, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans.

Their third studio album, “Night & Day”, was released last week (the first part of it, anyway – the album was divided into two parts.)

Following the album’s release, James apparently promised his fans to post a nude photo if it would get to Number 1.

Men Bang SFW William Seed 700

Today, the album knocked Ed Sheeran off the top spot of the Official Albums Chart in the UK – and 23-year-old James is keeping his promise, saying “Can’t believe you made me promise I’d do this.”


While the Tweet seems to have been deleted eventually – some fans were quick to make a copy –

Of course, looking like that takes some work. So here’s what THAT looks like:

Then there was that photoshoot he did with Damon Baker…