You meet a really hot guy on Grindr… you’re scared he might be fake, you go to his house, and… you get scared. What do you then?

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Daniel X Miller gym photo
Photo: Instagram

That’s more or less what happened to gay YouTuber Daniel X Miller, who often shares his peculiar Grindr stories with his viewers. This time, it was about meeting “the most beautiful guy in the world” – in the scariest of places.

“I instantly fell in love with him”, Daniel tells of the guy he was chatting with on Grindr. “I was getting really excited… I was travelling and in a different city.”

I got the courage to go to his house. It was in a very scary part of town, the building was very old, and in a very scary dark alley with only one way in…I was already planning my escape route.

I was scared. I asked him to come out to help me find the right place… he came out the door – and it was him…and he’s hot. What are the chances of a really attractive hot guy killing me tonight?

So I’m telling this guy the story of how I showed my friends his pictures, and he was… “You showed them my pictures?!’

Somehow, it all ended up with Daniel getting himself blocked. Hear the whole story right here:

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