Catfishing on Grindr is a common practice – sometimes people use strangers’ photos as their own, sometimes they even dare to use famous and semi-famous people’s photos and pretend to be them. When Daniel X Miller found out someone was using his photos and pretending to be him – he decided to take action, and go meet the imposter.

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Daniel X Miller selfie
Photo: Instagram

Daniel is a popular YouTuber and underwear model – so he was unsurprisingly picked as a target by a pretender on Grindr, as he recalls on his latest video:

“I get a message from my friend asking if I’m back in Florida. I said no, and he responded – ‘I just saw you on Grindr and this guy is using your pictures.’

So I told my friend – don’t block him, put him as a favorite and chat with him – I want to try and catch this guy.

So the next week, I fly to Florida and I try to find this guy. I create a fake profile, I find the guy’s profile – which is me… I started to chat with him, and guess what he asked me for? My nudes.

I sent him some porn photos I found online, and I asked him to send me some back, and he sent me some – and they’re clearly not me.

We talked for a while, this guy was kind of weird, all he wanted to talk about was sex. Eventually I told him ‘I want to meet you. Let’s go meet for dinner. You seem like you’re really cool’, and he said – Yeah!

I was a little nervous so I did bring a friend with me, who sat in the table across from me, just in case the guy turns out to be some psycho.


So, what happened at the intended meeting? Watch the video to find out:

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