Even when you’re a cute, popular YouTuber – you will get rejected occasionally – which was the lesson learned by Daniel X Miller. But the way he was rejected was… quite insulting.

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Daniel X Miller in the pool
Photo: Instagram

“A lot of people were surprised to hear I was rejected”, he begins his story, “you’re so cute…I wouldn’t imagine you getting rejected. but it happens to everybody.”

And he recounts the event:

I don’t hookup very often, but I was in the mood so I did look for somebody. I found someone, and he said he had seen some of my videos. We exchanged pictures, and I said I’ll come over.

I went over to his building, I was really tired, haven’t shaved, and my hair was a nightmare. I was standing outside with my suitcase, looking like a homeless person.

He comes outside, he writes me on Grindr “I just saw you”. I walk up to him, he was really tall, halfway my type.

We go inside the building, then he said he forgot something he needs to get me guest access into the building. “I’ll be right back, just wait here”.

So I’m sitting there next to the security guard, who started questioning me. “We’ll just wait for him to come back and get you…”

Ten minutes go by, I look at my Grindr app again, and.. oh shit.. he just blocked me. WOW, I literally just got rejected hardcore, and that hasn’t happened for a while.

Hear the whole story right here:

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