Sometimes real life feels like a soap opera. And that is certainly the case for this guy on Reddit, whose long-time boyfriend wanted to “test the waters” with another guy, with a very surprising turn of events.

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Gay couple kissing

“My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years now and have been living together for one”, he writes. “Everything seemed to be picture perfect. It was like one of those gay relationship success stories you tell, but all of that changed.”

And boy, did things change. And so he continues:

My boyfriend comes home and sits down with me to share some “Wonderful news”. The “love of his life” has become single and he wants to try and date him

Here’s how the conversation played out:

BF: “So he’s single now and I want to give it a shot and see if he would date me”

Me: “So we’re breaking up”

BF: “NO NO NO! Only if we date and things get really serious between us would I break up with you”

Me: “You know how insane this sounds right?”

BF: “No, everyone has a love of their life, don’t you?”

Me: “Well I thought I was looking at him”

BF: “Awe that’s sweet, but I mean someone you’ve always wanted to date”

Me: “I’m with him right now”

BF: “Who me? Wow!”

Me: “So we’re breaking up”

BF: “No, maybe I don’t know, I have to see if we wants me, he’s so perfect for me”

After that I walk out of the room and cry in shower (sue me, my boyfriend was a twatbag). About a day later I bump into my friend, who is coincidentally the “love of my boyfriends life” friend too.

Friend: “so BF tried to ask out LL”

Me: “yeah he told me he would”

Friend: “LL shot him down, like hard”

Me: “Good”

Friend: “are you gonna stay?”

Me: ” I don’t know, probably not”

Friend: “leave him, you don’t deserve that”

After that conversation I come home to find my boyfriend looking typical and we begin to talk

Me: “so I heard LL shot you down”

BF: “yeah, had to try I guess nervous laugh”

Me: “you know what? I’m really glad you did that”

BF: “Me too, because I realized you’re the one for me and I want to spend my life with you”

Me: “oh no not cause of that, it’s because I saw your true colors, anyone who does what you did to their boyfriend shouldn’t be dating”

BF: “why are you mad!? He rejected me”

Me: “the damage has been done. scumbag”

I then begin to move my stuff into the second bedroom of our apartment and tell my boyfriend I’ll be moving out by October. He starts sobbing, getting on his knees and apologizing. I’m surprisingly unfazed.

Think that’s crazy? Wait, there’s an even crazier twist:

A couple of nights later I’m out at the club with my friend I mentioned earlier, he wants to introduce me to someone, I hesitantly agreed. It turns out to be the famous LL. Who tells me how much of an asshole my boyfriend is and I deserve better, standard lines and all that shit.

Then this happened:

LL: I’m surprised he’d want to leave someone as beautiful as you.

Me: “yeah but no matter how pretty you are guys can be scumbags”

LL: “he’s a dumbass for losing a great thing, but his loss is someone else’s gain”

We sticked close the entire night, I can’t believe it, this guy was attractive, amazing, and I can’t believe I’m with him instead of my ex … Wtf?

Things actually got hot and heavy between us and we decided to take it to the bedroom, he wanted to go to his place but I insisted mine

So, the next morning, after our fornication, my now ex boyfriend opens the door to MY room, unexpectedly, and he finds myself and LL. He immediately goes to the bathroom to cry, I follow him.


Me: “yeah, he’s actually interested in me instead of you, go figure”

BF: “unintelligible blubbering”

Me: “Karma is a bitch ain’t it?”


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