There are many public literary events where people get on stage and read to you – either their own writings or from famous books. But isn’t it better when naked men get up on stage and read to you? Of course It is! And that’s possible in London, thanks to the “Naked Boys Reading” group.

The group, founded in 2012, is based at the “Ace Hotel” in London, where they do bimonthly performances. According to their official Facebook page, you can expect to see – and hear – naked men reading literary masterpieces.

“Naked Boys Reading is a literary salon featuring unclothed men. International events feature the sexiest of book-nerds reading to you in the buff!”

The boys don’t do a stripping performance before the actual reading – when they step onto the stage, they’re already naked, and the reading commences.

In an interview with The Guardian, one of the group’s producers, Dr Sharon Husbands, says the nudity gives the texts new lens.

“There is something sexy about it and something nerdy. “And when you put seeming opposites together, something interesting happens.”

The next Naked Boys Reading event is scheduled for March 23, but if you can’t make it, you can at least get a taste of it via their Instagram account – while you won’t hear the actual reading there, you can at least see the naked part (well, most of it…).

Anyone for a bedtime story?