KJ Apa, the hot 20-year-old Archie from The CW’s Riverdale, was already “caught” last month doing something weird in front of a mirror. And now, it happened again… KJ Apa in the dark, in front of the mirror, with his shirt pulled up. Hmm…

KJ Apa
Photos: The CW / Instagram

Just like last time, it was KJ Apa himself who posted the photo on his popular Instagram account, with the caption “Damn they caught me again”, though it’s unclear who took the video.

While most of the video is in the dark, a couple of flashes show KJ apparently taking selfies of his magnificent abs in front of a mirror.

Mr man Taron

Hey, if you had abs like that, wouldn’t you want to keep taking pictures of them?



Riverdale Season 2 is set to return on October 11, this time with 22 episodes (Season 1 only had 13 episodes.)

We can’t wait!