KJ Apa, the 20-year-old Riverdale hottie who stormed into our lives this year, already admitted that his goal in life is to become “Daddy AF.”

Well, he’s on his way – with an intriguing video, in which someone catches him flexing his bare muscles in front of the mirror, while moaning and groaning. Yep, you heard us.

KJ Apa Riverdale instagram
Photos: The CW / Instagram

New Zealand-born KJ, who plays Archie on the CW series Riverdale, certainly likes showing us his muscles – and how he works on them.

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This time, KJ took to Instagram and posted a video captioned “Preparation is essential for a good performance”. The video shows him doing… well… see for yourself:


What is he preparing for? How come his muscles look so good? Why are we enjoying his moans so much? And can we have a picture of him in bed with a man?


Now we only need to jump forward in time, for Riverdale’s return in October.

KJ Apa riverdale in bed