We’ve heard of a lot of bad student hazing rituals in the past, including NY frat boys arrested for spanking their friends, and students in Ottawa forced to have oral sex “for points”, but the “rituals” seem to be getting weirder and weirder.

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New students at the University of Newcastle in Australia, were reportedly made to wear dog collars, shave their heads, and… drink beers “off each other’s penises.”

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Footage that was published on news.com.au, taken between 2012 and 2016, shows students from the Australian university taking part in shocking “initiation rituals.”

Some of the images and videos show young students kneeling in front of older ones, and being made to drink beer that is being poured down the men’s penises.

Other students were made to wear dog collars, eat off the floor, shave their heads and drink fluids from dirty shoes. A former student, described the process to news.com.au:

“A fresher would be assigned to a returning student and before they left the freshers would be given hair cuts. The returning student essentially treats their fresher like s— who internalizes it all as a rite of passage: we treat you like s— and next year you get to treat someone else like s—. It’s a sick cycle.”

A spokesperson for the university said they “do not tolerate disrespectful or unsafe behaviour amongst members of our community. UoN has a robust framework for managing conduct issues and has clear measures to take action when breaches of our standards are found to have occurred.”

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