It’s no secret we usually post photos of six-packed, muscular, ripped, twinkish (or all of the above) men – and it’s no secret cosplayer Michael Hamm fits that bill.

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But this week, Michael posted a very candid statement on Instagram, along with a photo of what he sometimes looks like – like… a regular human being (and still hot, mind you).

Michael Hamm nathan drake
Photo: Instagram

Michael Hamm is a popular cosplayer (that’s someone who dresses up in superhero and other pop culture character costumes) and a model, with more than 208,000 Instagram followers.

In a video posted last year, Michael addressed his looks and how unrealistic they can be, then in February he addressed the issue again with another revealing photo, and now – he’s back on the topic of body images and what he has to do to maintain his looks.

Recently, Michael posted a series of some very sexy, semi-nude photos. “I look at myself sometimes and think ‘I wish I could look like that'”, he now writes, “How fucked up is that? And if IM feeling that way, how are other people feeling?”

“I post a lot of sexy things, and a lot of shirtless pictures and you know… typical thirst trap related stuff. But the major issue with this is that people think that’s how I always look and therefore think/wish that’s how they should/want to look.

The problem with that is I don’t always look that way, and guess what it’s ok not to look that way…

The picture on the left was in May, but you would have no idea if you looked at my Instagram. You know why? Because I didn’t want you to know. I wanted you to think I was still ripped…”

You can read the full post here: