Michael Hamm is a long time cosplayer (that is – people who dress up in superhero and other pop culture character costumes), and lucky for us – one the hottest ones out there (after all, he’s also a model).

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So, any day of the week is a good day to look at some of his marvellous Instagram photos – and especially on his birthday!

1. He’s from Canada. And looks great with an old Nintendo power glove.

2. His height is 5’6’’ and he has green eyes, which go well with these blue Nightwing sticks

3. Cosplaying is a process!

4. He does a lot of professional modelling shoots as well, not just cosplaying

5. We like him in costumes – and out of them

6. He’s always ready for battle

7. He has a YouTube channel, where he occasionally posts amusing videos of himself doing stuff or things

8. He loves cats, which is always a plus in our book

9. … And dogs

10. … And SpongeBob

11. He’s in shape, pretty much all the time

12. He’s a great Spider-Man

13. Over and out

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