They’re hot, they’re sexy, and they’re in costume. These are the superheroes of real life – who dress up and look handsome doing it.

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1. Michael Hamm – He has to be our first, as one of my personal favorites, and one of the hottest – and nicest – cosplayers out there


2. Elffi – All the way from Finland, Elffi is a cosplayer and an artist


3. “Something Wicked” – That is, Dan from Australia, who also creates complete scenes from the movies he tackles


4. Nathan DeLuca – Here with an original take on Batman’s Robin


5. Captain CosPlay – Michael Mulligan focuses mainly on Captain America. We’re not complaining


6. Leon Chiro – Not just a cosplayer, he’s also a model, which shows, of course


7. Todd Whalen – You’ll find his Spider-Man pics on his Instagram, but he’s even cuter here, as Peter Parker


8. The Daywalker – He’s the new Wesley Snipes, Blade-style


9. Jayem Sison – Aside from cosplaying, he’s also a gym junkie. And it shows


10. Shawn Feliciano from Puerto Rico, here as Dante from the “Devil May Cry” games


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