Michael Hamm is a popular cosplayer (someone who dresses up in superhero and other pop culture character costumes), and a model, who often gets photographed in hot, shirtless poses that show his incredible body.

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Well, in a new video, Michael takes it upon himself to explain that what you often see in these photos – is not actually what he normally looks like in real life.

Michael Hamm shirtless
Photos: Instagram

Michael (who, when asked in the past about his sexual orientation, replied that the only thing that matters is whether you’re cute and funny), also has a YouTube channel, where he occasionally posts personal videos in which he explains… stuff.

Soon, he’s planning on posting some fitness tips – so first, he decided to put a video disclaimer up… in the cutest-ever onesie, because why not.

“I’m not a doctor, and do not take anything I say as true”, he explains, and also talks about his incredible physique – at least the one shown in his professional modelling shots:

I’m not always fit. I don’t always have this chiseled body… I’m not always in shape. When there’s a month or two when I don’t post any shirtless pictures, that’s usually because I’m just being not overly health.

What you guys see in professional photos is not what I look like everyday. I train for at least two weeks prior to a photoshoot to get in that shape. And there’s usually some crazy dehydration thing going on.

And I say that just so that you guys know that it’s not realistic to look like that all the time.

Watch the full video right here: