Michael Hamm is a popular cosplayer (that is – someone who dresses up in superhero and other pop culture character costumes), and, let’s face it – one of the hotter ones out there (so naturally, he’s also a model).

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Now, he’s giving his fans an opportunity to support his work, with monthly payments via the Patreon platform. And to celebrate this new venture – he decided to answer some pretty personal questions from his fans – including one about… “sexual fluidity”.

Michael Hamm
Photo: Instagram

Patreon is a crowd funding site that allows creators and artists to get recurring funding from their fans. In exchange for the monthly payments, Hamm offers several levels of “perks” – such as signed photos, a members-only snapchat account, Skype calls, etc’. But the more important part – he says this ongoing support will allow him to focus on creating more videos, and trying new creative photo shoots.

“I want to turn my passion and creativity into something big and I need your support”, Hamm wrote on his Facebook page. “I want to start making videos again, I want to build bigger and better costumes, I want to do more elaborate photo shoots, and I know a lot of you folks want that too. So I say why not get a little mutual satisfaction.  I will be responding to as many questions and comments as I can in the next 24 hours!.”

And indeed, Hamm kept to his promise, and started answering all sorts of interesting and wacky questions, including this one from James:

I hope this isn’t offensive as I don’t mean it to be so, and of course you don’t have to answer as it’s quite personal; but sexuality wise… are you into guys, girls, both or neither? Also, I hope you know and are prepared for all of the people who will donate and ask for nudes, how will you handle that?

I could go on and on about this all day because gender and sexuality are so damn fluid, but I guess in the end all that matters is “are you cute, do you make me laugh, do we agree on important topic, do we have mutual interest, can you hold a thoughtful conversation”.

Also, I don’t care if people ask for nudes. It’s just a body. I’ve never actually sent one before because I don’t see the need. I’m just saying that there is nothing wrong with sending them

If you want to donate to Hamm’s endeavours, visit his Patreon page right here.


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