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Michael Hamm is not only a handsome cosplayer with an incredible set of abs (though he is that as well) – he also often talks about body image, and how unrealistic it can be – including with his own photos.

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Now, in a candid post on Instagram, Michael opens up about the hardships body image can bring with it.

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Photo: Instagram

Michael Hamm is a popular cosplayer (someone who dresses up in superhero and other pop culture character costumes) and a model, with more than 136,000 Instagram followers. In a video posted last year, Michael addressed his looks and how unrealistic they can be – and now he’s back on the topic.

“I have a history of perpetuating unhealthy and unrealistic body standards and I struggle with that”, he writes in his latest Instagram post.

Growing up I hated my body. It didn’t look how I was told it should and I was surrounded by images of people with perfect bodies, talking about how easy it was. This is more prevalent now than ever, so it’s important to talk about.

When I post I feel like a hypocrite because I am doing the exact thing that fucked me up as a kid.

In the post, Michael shows two photos of himself that were taken only 11 days apart – and he looks quite different in each of them. One was taken before a photoshoot that he had to diet and prepare himself for. The other – after a crazy vacation. Guess when he was happier.

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