If you’re not already familiar with Michael Hamm, you should be – he’s sexy, he’s got perfect abs, AND – he’s a very talented cosplayer. But seeing what he looked like in 2008… well, let’s just say you probably wouldn’t have recognized him.

Michael Hamm nathan drake
Photo: Instagram

Michael Hamm describes himself as a “Geek, cosplayer, model” – in that order. He has more than 128,000 followers on Instagram – thanks to his wonderful superhero costumes, but – let’s face it – also in part due to his wonderful body and general hotness.

In a collage he posted on Instagram this week, Michael showed a photo of himself from 2008, wearing a sweater vest, and a recent photo of himself, wearing… “a grandpa sweater.”

So now you’re wondering – is he a grandpa UNDER the sweater? Well:

But wait, there are more throwback comparisons:

In 2012, however, the abs were already there:

OK, we’re done for the day. If you want more of Michael, you can visit his Patreon page.