Twister, when played by hot guys, is a pretty erotic game to begin with. But when you add some paint, take off most of the clothes, and mix in sexy YouTuber AbsolutelyBlake and his buddy Jordan, things heat up real quick…

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AbsloutleyBlake paint twister

AbsolutelyBlake is a popular YouTuber (176,000 followers and counting!) who makes us real happy when he does things like getting naked in the snow, showing us his big wood in the forest, or getting naked in the Canadian Rockies.

Sometimes, his hot former-roommate Jordan joins in on the fun. There was the video of them playing a stripping game, and then a video of them doing semi-naked couples’ yoga, because why not?

And this week, it’s time for some… paint twister! Naturally, they’re not wearing much, and the shirts go off as well during the game.

Yes, it’s as hot as you can imagine – but why take our word for it, when you can watch it here: