If you’ve been following these pages, you might already know sexy YouTuber AbsolutelyBlake. Well – Surprise – Blake has a hot flatmate, and they both played a strip version of Pictionary on YouTube. Got your attention yet?

AbsolutelyBlake and Jordan nude
Photo: YouTube

Blake is a popular Canadian YouTuber (136,000 followers and counting – and he even has his own merch line now!), who not only does raunchy things on his videos, but also tends to get naked on Instagram. Like, a lot.

Living with Jordan means they do a lot of videos together – and this time, they play a game of Pictionary, where each of them has to draw certain things requested by fans – sometimes with a blindfold on, with their mouth – etc’ – and the one who draws the worst version has to take something off.

Luckily for us, they’re not wearing much – just a shirt, pants, boxers and socks. Luckily for us 2, they’re not very good at this drawing thing, so they start losing clothes pretty quickly.

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Enjoy, and don’t miss Blake’s stare at the moment Jordan takes his shirt off:

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