While we’re enjoying our time with the hunky Spider-Man in the new PS4 game, hunky YouTuber AbsolutelyBlake is doing a Spider-Man rendition of his own – just, you know, naked.

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AbsolutelyBlake Blake McPherson
Photo: Instagram

The popular YouTuber is no stranger to getting naked on social media. Or trying out sexy underwear. Oh and also trying out a prostate probe because why not.

But this time, we get a friendly neighbourhood naked Spider-Man, or at least Blake’s version, with him crawling over his bathroom wall, because that’s just the thing Spidey would do.

See for yourself:

While he’s off to fight Canadian villains (in the nude), we can enjoy a few other shots –


And more…


Or just learn how to catfish him for nude photos, as he explains in his most recent video:

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