Oh no – hot YouTuber AbsolutelyBlake got naked on Instagram last week – and we somehow missed it. Well, better late than never, as we marvel at the sight of his latest cheeky photo.

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AbsloutleyBlake no hat

This isn’t the first time popular YouTuber AbsolutelyBlake (136,000 followers and counting!) got naked on Instagram. It’s not even the second time. Or the third time. But we’re happy every time he does!

This time, Blake was standing in front of a window in his home country Canada. As much as we’re enjoying the view – it seems like the people on the other side of the window were having an even better time.



While you’re here, you might as well enjoy some more of his latest shots:


And for a change, without doing the tongue thing. Or the hat thing –

We’ll keep a closer watch!

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