The snow might not be the best place to get naked – you know, shrinkage and all that… but YouTuber AbsolutelyBlake was brave enough to do it – and we’re melting, like the snow, from all the hotness…

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AbsolutelyBlake Blake McPherson towel
Photo: Instagram

By now, we’re guessing our readers don’t need long introductions on AbsolutelyBlake – he’s a popular YouTuber who doesn’t shy away from reading erotic gay fan fiction, as well as a sexy Instagrammer who doesn’t shy away from, well, getting naked.

This time, Blake took it all off in the freezing snow. He’s Canadian, so at least he’s used to that weather…

Yep, we’re impressed.

If you want to see a semi-naked Blake freezing some more – you should watch his latest video – where he does exactly that:

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