The 23-year-old Tom Daley, is not only openly gay, and married to Dustin Lance Black – he’s also as hot and sexy at they come.

It’s been a good few years for Tom – with his engagement, his wedding, and his mission to pull us off our asses and work out a bit. Plus, there was that medal at the Rio Olympics 

But for now, let’s enjoy some of his greatest (meaning, hottest) moments – chronicled beautifully in his Instagram account.

1. Enjoying his time in Rio

2. Time for another medal!

3. “Never an easy road…”. Easy on the eyes though

4. With his pals

5. With his adorable husband, Dustin Lance Black

Men Bang Brandon Cody

6. Such a homey look

7. Spoiler – he did qualify

8. “How much protein do YOU need?”… Hmm…

9. A boy and his lemons

10. Remember the Daley calendar?

11. The puppy’s adorable too

12. Working out

13. See you next time