By now you’ve probably seen Tom Daley’s (and the rest of the GB Olympic team) marvellously tiny swimsuit, designed by fashion designer Stella McCartney. Now it turns out Daley had a hand in designing those trunks – so they would fit just right for all the…”parts”.

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Tom Daley and fellow diver Daniel Goodfellow
Photo: Instagram

Daley spoke to The Daily Mail, and explained how the trunks in previous Olympic games just weren’t good enough. “In 2008 and 2012, the cut wasn’t quite right. So now they have the cut right for what a diver needs.”

And why wasn’t it right? well, it’s a matter of size:

“You need everything to be kept in place. You don’t want things falling out in particular places because there are cameras everywhere. You’ll be happy to know that everything now stays in place.”

Well, no. Now we’re kind of disappointed.

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