Model and photographer Zachary Howell, who will forever be remembered as the “Sexy Harry Potter“, is naked again.

But this time we’re not talking black-and-white-light-and-mainly-dark photos. This time it’s all out there in the open, and we’re mighty pleased.

Zachary Howell
Photo: Sarah Hester / Instagram

Zachary did another sexy photoshoot with his friend Sarah Hesterwho was responsible for the famous Harry Potter shoot, as well as the Sexy Dexter shoot AND the Sexy Spider-Man shoot.

The first photo Zachary posted from the new photoshoot was this one:

And if him being all sexy in bed wasn’t enough for you… then came this one – and it came with a promise – if it gets more than 5,000 likes, Zachary will more from that sexy photoshoot. So go ahead and like, like, like!

(Update: Good news! Mission accomplished, so Zachary added some more revealing photos)