Zachary Howell, the former “Sexy Harry Potter“, keeps putting his beautiful body on display, in his raunchy (and artful) collaboration with photographer Trey McIntyre. This time, he’s naked – and bares his bum for all to see.

Zachary Howell
Photo: Instagram

25-year-old Zachary Howell is both a model and a photographer himself – and this time he’s on the front side of the lens (well, actually he’s on the bed.) This isn’t the first time we get to see him naked, or the second time, but who’s counting?

The first photo shows his front side on the bed, leaving very little to the imagination:

The second photos leaves, well, nothing to the imagination (at least from the backside)

You can find more photos from this set on Trey’s Patreon. Meanwhile, we can all enjoy some more assets from Zachary’s Instagram:

And some bath-time: