Model and photographer Zachary Howell, who you might remember from his “ Sexy Harry Potter“ photoshoot, likes to push boundaries – and he’s done it again this week, with a set of beautiful – and nude (well, technically) photos.

Zachary Howell
Photo: Instagram

This isn’t the first time we get a glimpse of Zachary’s exposed body – there was a black and white set back in May, and several other cheeky photos.

This time, Zachary posted a set of photos taken by Trey McIntyre, and even though the private parts stay, well, private – sometimes it’s even sexier when you leave SOME parts to the imagination.

Mr man Taron

Zachary’s many fans were quick to wonder in the comments whether we’re ever going to see the “uncensored version” – but he explained that he “doesn’t need to show the world THAT.”

Either way, we’re thrilled, and can’t wait for more.