Zac Efron’s appearance has gone through a lot of changes since his days as a Disney Channel star – from his twinkish days of High School Musical, to the lovable (naked) goof of Dirty Grandpa, to the [very] muscular stud of Baywatch.

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And now – he’s changing again, into… a bum with dyed hair and a weird beard? Zac’s fans were certainly surprised.

Zac Efron baywatch
Zac Efron on Baywatch

30-year-old Zac Efron is set to star in two upcoming movies – one is Extremely Wicked, where he’s starring as notorious serial killer Ted Bundy. And the other – is a film called The Beach Bum, about the life of a stoner.

For his beach bum role, Zac changed his looks drastically – while the muscles are still kind of there, his hair is now dyed blond, and his beard is… well… something.

When first photos from the new film came out this week, Zac’s fans were quite surprised. Some said his beard looks like Panini bread.

Others compared it to grilled cheese.

Though this one really nailed it –

We’ll wait for the actual film, before we pass (too much) judgement.

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