Just when we were starting to breath again, one month after the “Dirty Grandpa” trailer where Zac Efron stripped down to do the Macarena – he’s at it again, this time showing even more of his marvelous body.

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Zac Efron German

In the new international trailer (which is why it’s dubbed in German) for the upcoming movie, Efron has fun on the beach wearing nothing but a stuffed [animal] thong – the same one we remember so fondly from the previous trailer. It seems the European audiences are less conservative, so they’re getting more Efron skin in their trailers.

Zac Efron 420

“Dirty Grandpa” is coming to theaters in January, and is about a guy who goes with his wild grandpa for a crazy spring break. But you don’t care about the plot – here’s what you came here for:

h/t: Just Jared