In some areas, there’s sometimes animosity between gay men and lesbian women, and a lot of it comes from misunderstandings.

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Popular YouTubers Riyadh Khalaf and Ariella Scarcella have decided to combat the body shaming and misunderstandings, by… showing each other their very own private parts.

Riyadh and Ariella
Photo: YouTube

We get two videos for the price of one, and from two “gold stars” – people who have never had sex with the OPPOSITE sex.

The first video, on Ariella’s channel, involves Riyadh showing her his penis. “You can’t laugh”, Riyadh asks, takes his underwear – and the learning begins.

Riyadh does a show and tell for Ariella about hair down there, what’s it like for uncut men, and why the head of the penis is so important. Watch that video right here:

And then, on Riyadh’s channel, the roles reverse, and Ariella shows her penis to Riyadh. “There are parts of a human body… that I don’t know how it works” – which makes this a sex education experiment. “There is more going on than I expected”, Riyadh quickly says.

Watch the second video right here: