Riyadh Khalaf is a popular YouTuber who usually shares funny, light-hearted videos – which is what most YouTubers do. But this time, he was brave enough to put his heart on his sleeve, and tell the story of how he got dumped, merely two days earlier.

Riyadh got dumped
Photo: YouTube

“This video is not fun, but it’s also not depressing”, he starts right off the bat. “It’s just real – that’s what we’ll call it, it’s a real video. I got dumped, there’s no two ways about it, and it feels shit.”

On the day it happened, Riyadh took to Twitter to share the sad news with his followers:

And now he’s sharing the full story:

Three months ago I went on a dating app, and the first day I stared talking to this guy and we decided to meetup. I looked at him and just thought – he is cute, I want to be around him, look after him, I want him to look after me – I really liked him.

That first week that we met, we spent five days together. I feel like I got to really know him that week.

And now we’re after 3.5 months. But I felt he had this weird barrier up that was blocking me from fully getting in.

On “the night”, he came over here and I kept feeling he was a bit distant and cold. We went for dinner and I said – “I really like you, but I can sense something here.

“Maybe we can just date for a little while longer, and then when you’re ready we can decide to make it more official. I’m cool with waiting around, but I just want to know what’s on your mind, what do you think?

At first he was quiet, then he said – “The last couple of times I’ve seen you, I don’t feel drawn to you. I just don’t feel with you the way I felt with my ex, and I don’t feel with you now what I felt with you at the start.”

And basically what he meant was – I’m not attracted to you anymore, sexually.

And when you hear that, what you then transform that into is – Riyadh, you’re ugly, you’re ugly, you’re ugly!

Listen to the full emotional story, and how Riyadh is moving forward, right here:

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